Residents of New Haven, Hamden and West Haven can receive Citizens Television (CTV) on Comcast channels 26, 27 and 96. Issues of connectivity, monitoring and distribution by AT&T to statewide subscribers have prevented CTV from contracting with AT&T for public access. Until now. However, in November, CTV contacted AT&T and requested that its customers be connected to CTV in order to receive Public Access channels. We contacted them again in December and was told that they are working on our request. AT&T customers who want CTV should contact the company and demand connection to CTV.

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Ch. 26 Ch. 27 Ch. 96

CTV Channels
Program Schedules

26 -Education Access
27 -Public Access
96 -Government Access


Citizens Television, Inc. and AT&T
CTV is committed to having its public access on AT&T immediately.