Board of Directors

The CTV Board of Directors meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month, 6:30pm. Meetings may be canceled or postponed without notice to the public.

Conference room

Ch. 26 Ch. 27 Ch. 96

CTV Channels
Program Schedules

26 -Education Access
27 -Public Access
96 -Government Access


Citizens Television, Inc. Board of Directors
Public attendance is by prior notification only, one week in advance. Attendees may not participate in meetings, nor deliver or receive documents, nor address board members during the meeting. The board may be officially reached at: Confidential communications may be mailed to: Paul F. Musco, c/o CTV, 843 State St, New Haven CT 06511 PLEASE WRITE "CONFIDENTIAL" ON THE FACE OF THE ENVELOPRE.


Dr. Paul F. Musco (WH) (2014)

Vice President

Andrew Gilford (NH) (2014)



Adolphles D. Kitt (NH) (2014)




Val Evans (NH)   (2016)
Stephen Ullman (H) Mayoral
Jennifer Little-Greer (H) (2014)
Sara Azam (NH) (2014)
2 Vacant
Vacant (WH) Mayoral)
Vacant (NH) Mayoral)

Board of Directors Downloadable Forms
CTV Bylaws
CTV 2014 Budget
CTV Certificate of Incorporation CTV PEGPETIA
CTV Board of Directors Motions 2013 Community Access Provider Report