Our story began October of 1992 in New Haven, CT, when television wasnt so much the new kid on the block, but to local viewers it was unknown territory.


843 State St
New Haven, CT, 06511
203-562-2288 ph
203-562-0864 fax

Ch. 26 Ch. 27 Ch. 96

CTV Channels
Program Schedules

26 -Education Access
27 -Public Access
96 -Government Access

Monday: 10am - 6pm
Tues-Thurs: 10am - 8pm
Fri & Sun: CLOSED
Sat: Appointment Only






Producers and Sponsors
must drop off their DVDs
at least one (1) week
prior to the day they are
scheduled to be shown.

If CTV is closed, DVDs
may be submitted in the
secure (camera-monitored)
mailbox provided outside
the door.



CTV Local Origination
Studio Programs

Now You Know
Brenda Wright, Producer

Pilot Light
Willard Burnett
& Belinda Roberts, Producers

Bourbon Street
Andrew James, Producer

Keith Calls It
Keith Young Sr., Producer

OneWorld Presents
N'Zinga Shani, Producer

From Where We Sit
Jacquleline Bracey /CTV, Producer

Got Girlfriends?
Peaches Quinn /CTV,Producer

Another Option
John Mullins, Producer

Mike Nice
Mike Howard, Producer

In Our Opinion
Dr. Paul Musco, Producer

Alma's Place
Alma Hall/CTV, Produvcer

Your Healthcare
Dr. Amit LaHav/CTV, Producer

The Big Show
Tommy Cosmo/CTV, Producer

Going Nuts About Health
Dawn Slade/CTV, Producer




Citizens Television, Inc. History
A private, independent, tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation, CTV was founded in 1991 by a diverse group of community activists who were long-frustrated by the poor public access of Storer Cable. These activists petitioned the CT Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC, now PURA) for CTV to become the provider of community television access. Winning that assignment, CTV opened its offices in 1992 at 873 State St. in New Haven, and embarked on its now twenty-year mission of training community residents in field and studio video production. In 2004, CTV moved to 2666 State Street in Hamden.

IIn July of 2013, CTV purchased the former veterinarry hospital building at 843 State St., and moved into its now permanent location in December, 2013.