Our Mission

At CTV, we aim to provide Hamden, New Haven and West Haven residents with the knowledge to run a successful show, along with high quality video production facilities to broadcast the material. At CTV, our motto is, "building community through media."


Ch. 26 Ch. 27 Ch. 96

CTV Channels
Program Schedules

26 -Education Access
27 -Public Access
96 -Government Access


Citizens Television, Inc. Mission
Citizens Television, Inc. exists only because of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We protect it, and it protects us. All of us!

The producers who create the programs at CTV are your neighbors, your children’s educators, your elected officials, your religious institutions, your community activists, your social and human services organizations, your friends and your foes, your advocates and your adversaries.

And the only things that we all might ever have in common at the same time, and to the exact same degree, are the rights to practice our religion (or to have none at all), to speak and be heard by those who will listen, to gather peaceably, and to safely and openly support or reproach our public governing bodies and officials.

Every day at CTV, we ensure that those rights may be exercised by the residents of Hamden, New Haven and West Haven through the medium of cable television.

For that is truly how we build community through media!