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Have a question? Take a look at some of our frequelenty asked question section here on the Form FAQ page, and if you still dont have the answer give us a call!

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26 -Education Access
27 -Public Access
96 -Government Access


How To Become A Member?
Call the station and find out when our next orientation will be held, and come in and fill out an Access Application and a Program Proposal to register.

How To Get Your Own Show On CTV?
After you become a member and complete the program proposal form, you can submit up to three DVD's to secure a time slot for your show.

Can You Submit A Show If You Live Outside of Hamden, New Have or West Haven?
You must find a CTV service area resident to sponsor your show. The resident must have completed all of the routine paperwork to gain access to CTV and their application and residence verification must be up to date. The sponsor may then submit a Program Proposal form for your program. Once that is approved the sponsor serves as a liaison between you and CTV and may begin submitting shows for airing.

When Should I Submit My Show?
DVD's must be submitted by noon one week before the day your program is scheduled to run. Programs running on Friday, Saturday or Sunday must be submitted by noon 2 Thursdays before your program is scheduled to run.

How Long Should My Show Be?
The maximum length for regular programs are 28:30 minutes(half hour) or 58:30 minutes(hour). There is no minimum length for your program, except a program in an hour slot should be at least 31 minutes long.

How Can You Get On A CTV Show?
If you want to be a guest on a CTV program please check our program listing to see which program would be the best fit for you.  Once you find a program you are interested in appearing on, you may then get in contact with the producer of that program with the details they have provided in their show description.

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